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  1. Transfer your earnings to your preferred online account once a month. Receiving your payments is quick and easy.

Cross-platform support.

  1. BitSeven is available through the web version and mobile application. You can also effectively manage the traffic on all channels.

Multilingual brand.

  1. BitSeven is represented by millions of customers in 22 languages, in 175 countries. Our users always return to our platform to get more.

Universal link.

  1. Detects the location, language and device of the user and directs them to the best landing page.
  2. Simply take a link and place it on any web-medium available to you.

Analysis report.

  1. Real-time statistics, real time analysis of results by means of using convenient reports and data filters.
  2. User-friendly and completely intuitive interface.

Settlement base of CPA program (cost per action).

BitSeven offers an efficient CPA program (cost per action).

The CPA program offers the following benefits:

  • BitSeven has a referral link system.
  • When the transaction is made by a new user, dividends are paid as of 30% lifelong.
  • As the number of new users' transactions increase, the divedends are increased.

Advantages of BitSeven Trading System

  • Dynamic solutions for your needs
  • Leading products and platforms
  • Optimum rates in the market
  • Online marketing
  • State-of-art sales and retention systems
  • Multilevel support
  • Fresh and creative, regularly updated
  • Supports multiple languages (more than 20)
  • Innovative, intuitive tracking and report system
  • 24/7 Live support
  • Analytics tool to strengthen campaign

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